Cycling for impact in Africa

Anna & Jacob cycling for impact
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Finally we will be going on our quest to help families in Africa! In the Spring of 2024 we will be cycling with Orange Babies and raising funds to make an impact on the lives of mothers and children. We set out on this journey because we recognize that we are very lucky that we don't have to worry about the health of our family, and we want to give back to those for whom that is not so obvious. 

Mothers in Africa don't always have access to healthy food or schooling for their children, or to the medication needed to protect a child from HIV if the mother is infected. With your donations, we can provide these kinds of benefits to those that need them most. The physical challenge of cycling through the harsh nature of southern Africa is nothing compared to the challenges these mothers face every day!

After some setbacks, both negative (the covid pandemic) and positive (the birth of our two children) we are finally able to step up and make this happen. We really need your help with this, and so we're asking everyone to donate. Rather than spending money on gifts and more stuff, we'd like to spend it for others. During the cycling journey we'll be visiting the local Orange Babies projects and seeing for ourselves where our donations are making an impact. Follow this page for stories about our preparation and of course the adventure itself.

Support us to support families and children in need! 

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€30 28-05-2023 | 11:40 Lieve Vyne, wat mooi dat jouw ouders dit doen! xx
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