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Muriel Thijssen


166% reached of my target amount €5,000

As a Global Vitality Manager, my dedication to health and commitment to people align seamlessly with the noble mission of Orange Babies. The organization's pursuit of an HIV-free generation resonates deeply with my belief that every child, adolescent, and mother affected by HIV deserves the opportunity for a promising future. Orange Babies' comprehensive approach, encompassing education, HIV healthcare, awareness, nutrition, and psychological support, forms a holistic strategy that can break the cycle of the HIV epidemic, ensuring that those affected have the resources and knowledge needed for a brighter tomorrow.

I am driven by the conviction that sustainable change begins with proactive efforts to empower individuals and communities. Orange Babies' initiatives not only tackle the immediate challenges posed by HIV but also lay the groundwork for a resilient and thriving society. My passion for health, coupled with Orange Babies' impactful programs, inspires me to contribute meaningfully to this cause. Joining forces with Orange Babies, I am eager to leverage my skills and commitment to play a role in achieving our shared mission and contribute to creating a world where HIV is no longer a barrier to a thriving future.

In addition to my professional commitment, my personal passion for cycling has become a source of motivation and keeps me physically active. It is with this spirit that I have decided to embark on a 10-day cycling journey through South Africa in March 2024. By pushing my own limits on the bike, I hope to inspire others to join me in supporting Orange Babies.

United by the wheels of change, through my cycling journey and YOUR donations, let's ride towards a brighter future and create a meaningful impact together for Orange Babies.

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