Onze organisatie zou niet kunnen voortbestaan zonder de tomeloze inzet van particulieren en bedrijven die op alle mogelijke manieren ondersteuning bieden aan Orange Babies. Dit varieert van het beschikbaar stellen van producten en diensten, het zelf organiseren van evenementen al dan niet samen met Orange Babies tot inzamelingsacties op scholen. Orange Babies steunt jouw actie en stelt mits mogelijk materialen ter beschikking.

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The COVID-19 virus is currently dominating the world. We are very worried about our own health, that of our beloved ones and the vulnerable ones in our society. This crisis is causing great uncertainty and we are faced with a huge challenge. All our fundraising events and actions are postponed or cancelled which directly has a major financial impact and consequences for the people in our projects. The 3000 children in these projects must be able to count on your support. For only 10 euros you can supply a child with food for a whole month. By donating 10 euros for a food package, we can provide one child with a meal every day for one month. We've reached our goal for the first month! We would like to thank you for all the donations we have received so far. However, we want to be able to also provide the children with food packages for the next month. So keep sharing and keep donating. The COVID-19 pandemic has a critical impact on Africa The countries where we run our projects are taking measures to fight the COVID-19 virus. This means that the projects and schools we support are closed, which means we cannot take care of the children who are now forced to stay at home. The scarceness of soap and clean water make it hard to comply with some of the most basic and important hygienic measures. Additionally, an average household consists of 6 people who live together in a very small house of no more than a few square meters. We are therefore deeply concerned about the consequences of a total outbreak of the virus. The children from our projects need your support more than ever! Many vulnerable children are losing their safe environment: the projects of Orange Babies. These vulnerable children now have to fend for themselves. In many situations parents are not able to take care of them due to illness or domestic violence. These children are depending on Orange Babies to take care of their daily meals and HIV treatment adherence. Especially when a child is infected with HIV the daily nutrition is paramount for the HIV medicine to work properly. Providing these children with the right nutrition has our highest priority.  The projects provide the children with daily meals, these meals are their only form of nutrition. Currently, we are not able to cook for the children. However, we can provide them with food parcels. It is vital to take action now! In the upcoming month, we would like to provide 3000 children with a food package. We can provide one child with one meal a day for one month with a donation of only 10 euros. Especially now the support of our sponsors, friends and donors is needed. Are you in?
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14-08-2020 | 14:18 To: Eric voor Orange Babies Lekker eten en ook een beetje fietsen :) en jij doet het maar weer. Trots op jou